St. Catherine Gym Scheduling
To request gym time provide the following information in an email to: coltsgymschedule@gmail.com

1. Date Requested
2. Time Requested
3. Purpose for use (basketball, v-ball, etc.)
4. Team Reference (i.e. 8th Grade Girls)
5. Boosters or Parish Sponsor
6. Coach or Responsible Person
7. Cell Phone # for Coach or Responsible Person
8. Two Virtus Trained adults who will be in the gym and remain at the facility while all children under 18 are present

Gym time requests for non St. Catherine teams must be made one week in advance of requested date. Gym time requests are automatically forwarded to the Booster's Gym Coordinator, the Booster's President, and the Church Office Staff.

Gym Schedule Requirements/Rules

  • Coach and/or Responsible person must be Boosters or Parish member and be at least 21 years old.
  • Under no circumstances are children allowed in the gym without two Virtus certified adults.
  • Baseball teams are not permitted to use the gym.
  • The schedule below is the official gym schedule. If your activity is not listed on the schedule you do not have permission to use the gym.
  • Keys for access to the gym must be coordinated with the Church Office Staff: Church Staff Link.
  • No sports related activity is permitted in the gym after 11:00 PM

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